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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Mobile Broadband Roaming.

I have had a contract with to provide my mobile broadband service since we first owned our boat in 2005. In those days the device provided was a simple plug-in dongle that provided a single user with the broadband service. I paid £10 per month for 1gb of data.

Later, my device was upgraded free of charge by three to a mobile wi-fi unit instead of the plug-in dongle. Now I could, together with several other users of my choice connect to the service wirelessly. All I had to do was agree to stay with the company for another 24 months.

When the VAT was put up from 17.5% to 20%, my monthly charge was increased by a few pence to just over £10.

Recently, having seen that had introduced what they call "Feel At Home" to their offering, where data roaming in selected countries was now allowed at no further charge from your existing allowance, I contacted the company myself to enable data roaming, as this was of interest to me.

Spain is to be included in the Feel At Home lineup from April, so I would be able to use my mobile broadband service there for the first time while we are there this year. For world travellers New Zealand will join the growing number of included countries at the same time.
Surprisingly, I was told that as I had been with the company for so long, my account would now be upgraded to Platinum. My data allowance would be increased to 5gb monthly, and the price I pay for that would decrease to just over £7 per month as well, just by agreeing to remain with them for another 12 months.

Wouldn't it have been nice if they had contacted me to inform me of that fact.

Not to worry though, further conversation with the very nice Indian gentleman revealed that if I agreed to stay just 18 months I could also have the very latest mi-fi equipment to use my new 5gb allowance with in Spain. All this for.........just over £10 per month, exactly where we started from.

As I had no intention of leaving the company, perhaps I might call that a bit of a result.

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