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Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Little Retail Therapy On Easter Sunday.

Today's post is directed solely at our very dear friend RW who lives in Brisbane, Australia, who so nearly joined us here in Mumbai, and then on to Cochin. (We must do something sometime soon)!

Last time we were here together here we went shopping on Colaba Causway, and bought some really quality leather goods from Adamis, a high quality store there. In fact today I bought a beautiful pair of all leather loafer shoes there myself, as well as two pairs of Levi's from their store.

However, on this trip we have our resident ex-resident of Mumbai with us, and she knows the place like the back of her hand.

After buying my shoes we hopped in a taxi for the 20 minute ride (£1.70) to the Palladium shopping mall where a great time was had by all, as well as me unusually, as I was quite gobsmacked to find something like this here.

We all had a great time buying and browsing. I am now sat writing this while they enjoy the last couple of hours sunshine (34 degrees today) by the pool.

Taxi tip: always ask for the meter to run, if the driver refuses you will be ripped off. Walk away and find another, they are like bees around a honey pot. The taxi ride there cost us £1.70 equivalent on the meter. To get home, we had to tell the driver where we wanted to go (Taj Hotel) and the price was fixed at £4.50. We told him to go away in short hops and walked along to another who was willing to run his meter, and the cost was similar to the first journey. It does however help if you have someone in the cab who knows their way around so she can rein in a driver who tries to take us on a more expensive joyride, as has also happened. There is no pulling the wool over our Jill's eyes!

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