Living With Our Rapido 963f Le Randonneur Motor Home.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Vehicle batteries, (including the wet cell deep discharge leisure batteries), are fickle things!

The motorhome has been stored over the Winter exactly as per the manufacturer's instructions. Included in this process is battery maintenance where the onboard smart charger should be plugged in at least once a month to maintain both the leisure and vehicle batteries, and in theory prevent damage to them by not allowing a deep discharge. I followed this process to the letter.

I have now removed the motorhome from hibernation, and all appeared well. However, twice now since removing the shore power lead, I have found the vehicle couldn't be started after a few days due to a flat vehicle battery.

I intended to have everything serviced before the season, so yesterday as I took it to the garage to do this, I told them about this issue, and asked that the vehicle battery be replaced now as a matter of course - a preventative measure for the coming Summer if you like. It was obviously far from new.

The garage owner quite rightly offered to also test for the possibility of a fault that could be causing the discharge, and I readily agreed to that.

When I returned to collect the vehicle this morning I was informed that the electrical test for a possible discharge was negative, so all good there. He also said that the battery tested OK too, so they had left the old one in situ! That's all well and good, but doesn't get away from the fact that I have now arrived at the vehicle to start it twice now, and couldn't due to a flat battery.

Why can't trades just do as their customer asks? I have had previous experience of the fickleness of wet cell batteries that possibly test good, and then continue to give problems. So why didn't the "expert" carry out my wish at the outset to replace the battery with a new one? Surely a sale is a sale, and if I want a new battery I should have one whether they think it is required or not?

I suppose I should be grateful they didn't follow the example of a certain Cheshire marina I also entrusted maintenance work to, and drove it into the nearby Leeds and Liverpool Canal!

I had to leave the motorhome at the garage while a battery was ordered and fitted, and will now have to collect tomorrow. Another waste of time.

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