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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Britannia Cafe and St. Thomas Cathedral.

Today's plan was to take lunch at the famous Parsi Restaurant, founded in 1923 by the father of the current owner, Mr. Kohinoor, as the family arrived in India as refugees from Iran. We have visited several times in the past and Mr. Kohinoor, now in his mid-90's still takes a very active role in the business. Today, as he has done in the past, he took our order for the house speciality, berry pilau accompanied by three fresh sweet lime sodas. This is yet another venue that is not only well known in the UK, having featured in many a national newspaper travel guide, but now worldwide when Rick Stein visited to sample the same dish that we did today as part of his BBC TV series "Rick Stein's India".

See clips from the series here. The Britannia Cafe one is bottom right.

Having grown up during the last years of British rule in India, Mr. Kohinoor remains fiercely patriotic and he makes a beeline for any British looking tourists who enter his restaurant, so he can enquire about the wellbeing of our queen. We usually arrange to bring some British souvenirs with us so that Mr. Kohinoor can add them to his already impressive collection. Today was no exception, and he was pleased to receive the set of six DVD's that were published by the Daily Mail to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee, ordered especially with him in mind I might add.

In order to bring us to the general locality of Britannia Cafe today, which is close to the dock gates where you would exit for town if arriving by cruise ship, we took another taxi, this time to Flora Fountain. (Remember Mumbai taxi drivers only know landmarks, not street names). We took in some of the interesting sights of the area, which could only ever be seen in India, as well as visiting the beautiful Cathedral of St. Thomas, which dates back to the days of the British East India Company.

The Cathedral commemorates a chair that was used by Mother Thresesa, as well as chairs used by Queen Mary and King George V during their official state visit to India.

Now, we are back by the pool after another very special day.

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