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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mumbai By Night.

We decided to do today in reverse order. After a leisurely breakfast we went straight down to the pool for a day of rest. The weather here for this week is forecast sunny and mid-thirties until we leave for the flight South on Saturday morning, where I think we will find it somewhat hotter and more humid.

We used a lovely little bakery store that is located within the confines of the hotel for lunch, before resuming sky watching around the pool for the afternoon.

We planned to have dinner at Alibabas restaurant, located near to Regal Cinema, and at around 6.30pm took a taxi there. (Mumbai taxi drivers only work off landmarks not street names). After a lovely meal (Jill's local knowledge again), we set off to walk back.

Mumbai is a busy and vibrant city by day, but after dark it really does come to life. We walked back down Colaba Markets at just gone 8.00pm, stopping off for refreshments at the now world famous Leopolds Cafe, where a bullet hole remains in one of the mirrored walls - a throwback from the terrorist attack on the city in 2008. The shattered mirror is just behind Jill, but the hole is concealed by the gent sitting at the table behind us looking straight at the camera.

After a cold beer it was off again towards the hotel, browsing the market stalls as we went. Literally any product or service can be acquired on this street. After a few hairy moments crossing the streets we made it back just after 10.00pm. It was so pleasant arriving into the air conditioned lobby after walking quite some distance in the evening heat.

Tomorrow we plan lunch at Britannia Cafe. A Parsi restaurant again made famous in the UK after featuring on "Rick Stein's India", where he went in search of the best curry in India. The house speciality here is Berry Pillau, which was the dish Rick sampled here.

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