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Thursday, 7 May 2015

A Barcelona Walkabout.

Having seen most of Barcelona from the top of the city tour bus yesterday, today we decided we would walk to some of the more interesting places for a closer look. A vote was taken, and we decided that we would explore the Gothic Quarter as we all have an interest in history in one form or another. That area provided us with plenty to see dating from the Roman occupation around the 4th century through to medieval times.

First off we made our way from Place de Catalunya towards Arc de Triomf, a large brick structure at the entrance to Parc de la Ciutadella.

Then towards the port we visited the magnificent 14th century church of Santa Maria del Mar and into the Gothic Quarter proper, the location of the Cathedral. Having arrived there just too late (12.45pm), to gain free entry, with that then being €7 each until 5.00pm when entry became free again, we decided to take a quick bite to eat and a beer at one of the hundreds of street cafes.

After the welcome rest that provided us with we made our way down to the bottom of Las Ramblas and the Monument a Colom, (Statue of Christopher Columbus), then making our way through the shops and markets and back to the hotel. 

Another lovely day spent with my Australian cousin.

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