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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Another Beautiful Walking Day.

Today has been another fabulous day in relation to the weather, and we decided to make the most of it by driving to the Cemlyn Nature Reserve, a National Trust Property on the North coast of Anglesey.

Apparently the lagoon which is home to the many varieties of birds that attract twitchers from all over the world was created by an eccentric home owner in the 1930's who built a weir across land that flooded and emptied each day on the tide, something that would never be allowed today I suspect.

After clearing the system with a brisk walk it was off to Amlwch Port for lunch at the newly opened cafe at the side of the copper museum. The port is historic and was not only used to transship copper ore but also had boat building activity within the three dry docks.

Everything is still as it was all those years ago, with the date stone above the port building on the quayside stating 1853.

The port is now mainly used by leisure boats with the occasional working boat.


  1. Looks as if it was cold and windy

    1. Breezy yes, Anglesey often is. Cold no, probably 18 degrees, but I suppose that would be cold to some.


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