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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Beautiful Barcelona

Here we find ourselves in Barcelona during the few days preceding the F1 Grand Prix and the city is vibrant.

We are here solely for the purpose of meeting my Australian cousin who finds herself in Europe at this time.

Our air fares, booked at the beginning of the year were a very reasonable £78 per person return - no dearer than the train fare to London from our home.

We are now making the most of the warm sunny weather, which I believe is currently unlike that we left behind in the UK.

Today was spent on the official Barcelona City Tour hop on bus, and at 27€ per person, a large percentage of the cost of our travel here.

A few days break in the warm sunshine of a Spanish city is available together with a good hotel - (the Aveneda Palace at the top of Las Ramblas). for very reasonable money.

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