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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Overdue Home Improvements.

We have lived in our current property since it was new back in August 1984, and have brought up our two children in it, without really being able to consider major improvements along the way, as funds were limited by school and university fees etc.

Now the kids have flown the nest, and have successful careers and homes of their own, this year is our time to upgrade our home, having decided that we will stay here, rather than downsize to a smaller one as we get older.

We had considered that, but the location of this house is such that we have easy access to a bus route, village shops and two supermarkets within walking distance. So, now was the time to invest.

This year is also busy travel wise, with a trip to India already completed. We had a limited time window to have the work completed to renovate the two bathrooms, which were until now still in their original 1984 decor, coloured suites and all!

We chose a local company Bathroom Design And Supply Ltd to complete the work, giving them a maximum timescale of just under three weeks to complete the job. They finished their work in just over two weeks, and here are the amazing results. Absolutely first class.

First, the main bathroom, which was to be refitted to the existing layout.

And the before and after images of the second project, the en-suite shower, which was to also undergo major layout modification, and enlargement by removing a redundant original built in wardrobe that encroached into the space available for the shower.


  1. Very Nice, your kids are going to be pissed you are spending all their inheritance :-)

  2. Very nice Peter. Did they do both bathrooms simultaneously and if so; howdid you cope?

    1. No Tom, the main bathroom was gutted first, and then brought back to a working condition before they gutted the en-suite. The project was well managed. The kitchen is to be gutted on the 1st July over the month. I think we will move into the Rapido while that happens.

  3. Ha Ha! Very perceptive, we have already had that same comment from both of them, they started with the boat. The house should be worth more to them when the time comes though.


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