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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Another Week In Wimbledon.

We have taken advantage of a Virgin Trains sale, (most unusual at this time of year considering it is holiday season), to buy £10 per person each way train tickets to visit our daughter for the week, who lives here but works in central London.

The train journey, as usual, was effortless, and completed in under two hours Wigan North Western Station to London Euston. Why would anyone want to complete the journey by car at these prices?

Once at Euston, we crossed the station concourse, down the escalators to join the Underground Northern Line to Wimbledon. Busy as ever.

Today we decided on a stroll towards Wimbledon High Street, and then up Wimbledon Hill towards the old village, calling at a local patisserie for morning coffee. This would be a change from the usual bustle of a visit to the city. Then it was on through the village for the short walk to the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

We had a brief look around, but chose not to purchase the concession price for the official tour at £21 per person. A look around the shop was interesting, but goods on sale there were also out of our reach. I saw a tie I quite fancied in the club colours, but at £100 not much hope of that! The properties on Wimbledon Hill were equally pricey looking, with the statutory Range Rover or Porsche on the driveway, if they could be seen behind the 15 foot security gates. In contrast the charity shops were interesting with Savile Row suits from various tailors on sale at an average £39.95, unfortunately none were in my size. One beautiful Italian 100% cashmere jacket was a "new old stock" donation, still tagged now priced at just £39.95, but alas came nowhere near me in size.

Empty handed, although Margaret did give in and splash out on an official Wimbledon merchandise top from the sale rail at 50% off, we then retraced our steps back, passing the gilded Royal Mail post box attributed to Andy Murray.

All in all a pleasant morning spent in a more rewarding way than watching "Homes Under The Hammer" on daytime TV. Tomorrow Portobello Road Market I think.

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