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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How Do I Find The Windows 10 Experience?

I recently upgraded my laptop to an Apple MacBook Air because I became so naffed off with Windows persistently running slow due to the never ending stream of updates and scans it always wants to run in the background. I replaced my elderly (5years old) equipment that was running Vista with this.....

I love the MacBook, and would now never return to Windows for my main use. The speed of the equipment is phenomenal, having been designed from the outset with no moving parts, and there are no issues at all with running slow due to background updates. All my other Apple products such as my iPad and iPhone are also linked wirelessly. Take a photo on the phone, and there it is on the others, providing you have a Wi-Fi connection. This is one area of consumer use Microsoft have attempted to address with Windows 10.

However, I still sometimes use a notebook running Windows 7 for travelling, and Microsoft offered me their current free upgrade to Windows 10 during one such background update. I thought about it over 24 hours, and with nothing really to lose, decided to go ahead. Microsoft had also assessed my equipment for compatibility to the new OS during their normal background update.

The new OS comes in as a background download of some 37gb, so I chose to run this overnight. My broadband data is unlimited, so I incurred no extra cost there. Once finished, I was notified that the file was on board my laptop so I commenced the installation.

On this occasion everything went to plan and the installation completed successfully, updating all drivers for my existing hardware in the process. Once the initial file download was complete, the installation took approximately another hour to finish, but the transition was completed effortlessly.

Now that I am running Windows 10, and having also experienced Windows 8 on a friend's computer, I would say that users of that system will find 10 a great improvement, and much more user friendly.

I replaced Windows 7, and as such I was quite happy with the old system, but as always in IT, better keep up with the Jones's (no pun intended Tom), or get left behind.

I am happy with Windows 10, but still prefer OS X Yosemite on my MacBook Air.


  1. I'm holding off upgrading to Windows10. I want to see if there are going to be any unforseen problems!

    1. My son, who says I should upgrade is also awaiting the outcome of driver issues etc. and letting these be sorted out before he upgrades himself. As for me, the Windows notebook is now just a standby laptop, so it doesn't really concern me, so I will report how I get on with it over the coming weeks if I encounter any issues.


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