Living With Our Rapido 963f Le Randonneur Motor Home.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Cabo de Gata, Southern Spain.

We departed the Aranjuez campsite at 8.30am this morning. This was a lovely site, within walking distance of a lovely town, and the meal last night at the site restaurant was excellent value at just €10.95 for a three course dinner including a drink. Unusually for me this was my starter....

The journey south again went without issue, even though the route took us through various mountain ranges with long steep climbs. The roads were again very quiet.

Today's plan was to complete our migration south with a 500km drive all in one go. The driving is leisurely, so no problem. We stopped for fuel about half way, and have arrived at our destination with over half a tank of diesel left.

This site, Camping Cabo de Gata, offers huge discounts for long term stays, far better than using the ACSI card as we have on the way down for our overnight stays.

Tomorrow, we will visit the supermarket to stock up on provisions, as to save weight we travelled with just bare essential. It was bacon and eggs cooked on the outdoor cooker linked to the camper outside gas point for tonight's meal, and it went down well, after a busy day.

The distance travelled to get down here has been 1000 road miles and 750 sea miles on the ferry, completed over 5 days.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015


We have now left behind the busy City of Madrid, although all we did was by-pass it using the M50 motorway, maintaining our steady 60mph.

As can be seen, the roads were just as busy as yesterday!
Tonight's planned stopover is Camping Internacionale Aranjuez, another ACSI affiliated site, this time with their most expensive flat rate overnight charge of 18 Euros, which equates to luxury.

This site also has the benefit of a restaurant with a menu del dia at a very reasonable €10.95 so that is tonigh's meal taken care of.

It is also within walking distance of the town itself which is the location of the rather grand Palace of Aranjuez, built because King Carlos V had a liking for the town to be used as a Summer retreat.

Tomorrow we head to our destination, the city of Almeria, which will be 500kms all in one trip, hopefully.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Riaza, Madrid

After landing in Santander half an hour later than scheduled for no other reason that we were delayed departing due to increased security around the disembarking vehicles entering the UK at Plymouth, we managed to get off the ferry quickly and on our way to our first Spanish overnight stay near Madrid.

The road trip was just spectacular through mountains, in warm sunshine, clear skies and best of all quiet roads. About as far away from the UK situation as you could get. The temperature was mid-twenties at lunchtime, and it was the first time this year we have used the air conditioner.

The 200 mile journey took approximately 4 hours, but that was done at no more than 60 miles an hour as we are travelling in convoy with a couple of friends who own a caravan. They also own a lovely Labrador dog, so it was only fair to allow him to have hourly stops for a brief runabout.

Now we are at our first overnight stop on the Spanish mainland at a lovely site in the mountains which becomes a ski resort in the Winter. Tomorrow, onwards towards the south.

Brittany Ferry To Santander

On Sunday we woke to another beaut Sunny morning and after a leisurely breakfast drove the 40 miles to Plymouth Ferry Port to board the Santander ferry.

We have an outside cabin for the overnight crossing and the weather looks good for a calm Biscay crossing.

We land in Spain at 11.15 BST and from there we will drive to a site just north of Madrid, a distance of around 200 miles today. Tomorrow we move on south of Madrid.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Adventure Starts!

This morning we set off with everything including the kitchen sink heading for Exeter Racecourse Caravan Club site, a journey of some 260 miles, that went without hold up.

We will stay here overnight and will join the Britanny ferry to Spain tomorrow, and hope to spend the night just North of Madrid on Monday before continuing on, with just one further stop before arriving in our Winter touring ground around Southern Spain.

Once pitched here in Exeter we were able to watch a time trial around the course organised by the Devon Historic saloon car club, watching many a delicious Mark1 Lotus Cortina or Mini Cooper S being put through its paces.

The whole journey will be around 1750 miles completed over four days, before reaching our planned destination.

So far so good!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Final Piece Of The Home Improvement Plan.

Our programme of home improvements have finally been completed. I have already reported on the refitting of the two bathrooms from their original 1984 decor. The last part of the plan was to refit the original 1984 kitchen, which was showing signs of falling apart!

This is how it looked at the start of the project.

We had the usual three estimates from contractors before deciding on Impact Kitchens and Bedrooms of Wigan to do the work. They were certainly not the cheapest, but did seem to be the most accomplished company, who also build all their own units, doors and drawer fronts, so the finished job would have no ugly filler pieces to take up gaps. For example, the drawer unit beneath the hob is 940mm in length. Standard bought in units would either be 900mm or 1000mm, neither of which would fit properly. Our bespoke unit is exactly 940mm for a perfect fit.

The main job was completed a few weeks ago, with just the glass splash back remaining to be manufactured to size.

After templating the glass was cut to size, toughened, and then painted to our choice of colour. This is how the final result looks.

And to finish off, we ripped up the worn click laminate flooring from the hall and reverted to carpet. This was done in the same carpet that we refinished the lounge in at the beginning of the year, a pure Herdwick wool, manufactured locally at Jorgus Carpets of Adlington.