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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Final Piece Of The Home Improvement Plan.

Our programme of home improvements have finally been completed. I have already reported on the refitting of the two bathrooms from their original 1984 decor. The last part of the plan was to refit the original 1984 kitchen, which was showing signs of falling apart!

This is how it looked at the start of the project.

We had the usual three estimates from contractors before deciding on Impact Kitchens and Bedrooms of Wigan to do the work. They were certainly not the cheapest, but did seem to be the most accomplished company, who also build all their own units, doors and drawer fronts, so the finished job would have no ugly filler pieces to take up gaps. For example, the drawer unit beneath the hob is 940mm in length. Standard bought in units would either be 900mm or 1000mm, neither of which would fit properly. Our bespoke unit is exactly 940mm for a perfect fit.

The main job was completed a few weeks ago, with just the glass splash back remaining to be manufactured to size.

After templating the glass was cut to size, toughened, and then painted to our choice of colour. This is how the final result looks.

And to finish off, we ripped up the worn click laminate flooring from the hall and reverted to carpet. This was done in the same carpet that we refinished the lounge in at the beginning of the year, a pure Herdwick wool, manufactured locally at Jorgus Carpets of Adlington.

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