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Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Sunday Outing To Retamar.

Today was yet another beautiful sunny one. After a leisurely breakfast and getting a few chores out of the way such as the weekly wash, we (I) decided that we might travel further afield on the scooter we brought with us. Margaret does not like riding pillion on the scooter, maybe because I scared the living daylights out of her way back in the 1980's on the back of a Honda VFR 750 during the one and only time she ever agreed to ride with me. That was a trip to Southport which had to be abandoned half way there due to her not liking it. She has never ridden with me since.

As for me, I have owned at least one, usually large sports motorcycle, consistently since passing my test at 16 yrs old. My last Yamaha was their top of the sports range 1000cc R1, with a top speed of over 150mph. Riding this little 115cc Yamaha D'Elight is something of a yawn, with a maximum speed of just 55mph, but still pleasurable (for me at least) in the warm sunshine. I had decided to leave the little electric Yamaha EC-03 behind for this trip so we (I) could enjoy trips further afield. Today's adventure was to be just 7 miles each way, to kind of break Mags into enjoying the rides. She still hates it, and will usually pull any excuse not to join me.

This time I must say I was more sensible, sticking to well below speed limits, and probably no more than 35mph. If I tried to increase speed towards the 70kmh speed limit on the very quiet road to Retamar, our planned destination, I would receive a strong dig in the back in any case.

I must say I enjoyed the afternoon immensely. We parked up in front of the beach and walked up past the shops and bars which were all bustling with Spanish Sunday day outers. On reaching our favourite bar from previous years we parked ourselves at an outside table for a cold beer for Mags and a Coke for me. (I never drink any alcohol while driving/riding).

After that we walked down past the row of hotels, where we have stayed in previous years before joining the promenade for the walk back to the scoot for the ride back.

All in all a very pleasant day. Perhaps further to San Jose next trip, or possibly not.

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