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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Bacon Butties, The Weekly Wash And A Walk To The Beach.

Well, it is Sunday morning again, our third week here in Spain.

As is usual on a Sunday, we treat ourselves to bacon butties, (bacon brought in frozen from the UK), but here they can be cooked outside in the sunshine on the griddle.

Margaret had placed a load of washing on using the Miele automatic washer which is just a short walk away in the amenities block. The timer stated 50 minutes to complete, just enough time to have breakfast while it does the work. Once completed, and washing hung to dry, I was taken for my daily dose of exercise from the site, into the "desert" to the beach.

The campsite entrance.....
....and swimming pool

Today was the first time we have seen anybody else at the beach, as it is very secluded. Apparently there is a track which can be used to cycle from Cabo de Gata to Retamar, 7km away. This section of beach has no track and has to be walked, past the salinas which is currently home to pink flamingos.

In 2005, this area was chosen to host the Mediterranean Games, and Retamar, close by was built and developed to house the competitors. Now the apartments are holiday homes, and the sports facilities are left for public use. Before 2005 there were just a few rural fincas such as this, which have all been left to rack and ruin.
Pink Flamingos wading in the salt lagoon.
A lone cyclist walks his bike across the beach to the next section of track that will take him to Retamar.

This is a short circular walk of around two miles, and is best done early morning or late afternoon due to temperature. Today, at 10.30am that was well above mid-twenties.

I may take the scooter to San Jose later today, but Margaret doesn't fancy a journey of that distance, around 20 miles there, riding pillion. She says she still suffers from "numb bum syndrome", something I am obviously immune to having ridden motorbikes for many years since I was just 16.

Just another lazy day here in Southern Spain.

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