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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Much Ado About Nothing.

During the last week we haven't really done much to report on.

Life here continues at it's snail's pace, and we just tag along. We have obtained a 15 litre box of red wine (22 Euros), and cases of beer which we store in the "garage" - very handy for topping up from during our evenings spent chatting outdoors.

Great value at just 22 Euros for 15 litres!
Our pitch here in Spain.
The weather here continues to prove our choice of destination for the Winter was correct. Much of the continent has been suffering from the remnants of that transatlantic hurricane which has brought with it wind and heavy rain. However, as usual, all we have seen is a short burst of overnight rain the other night. The days continue to be hot and sunny.

The little Yamaha D'elight is proving invaluable to us for getting about on, and it certainly is a delight to me to be able to ride on quiet roads in the warm sunshine. I do believe Margaret is also getting used to it as she allowed me to reach the 70kmh speed limit the other day as we took the main road into Almeria to undertake our "big shop" at the Mercadona supermarket. It is amazing how much you can carry home on a 115cc scooter - a tray of beer under the seat, a full bag on the leg shield hook, and a rucksack on Margaret's back. Also much safer to travel with traffic at the speed limit on the busier roads of the city rather than dawdle, causing some annoyance to the impatient Spanish drivers who try and overtake at every opportunity. I took my friend from across the way - an ex-colleague who was also my motorcycle riding partner years ago when we worked for a living, on a ride on the scooter the other day. Now it has had its running in service it is quite capable of up to 60 mph two up. Incredible really for such a small 4 stroke bike.

The purchased shopping ready to load up.
This morning, as most mornings here, we have had a leisurely breakfast outside the van, and then walked to the beach. We complete a circuit which takes us along the promenade at Cabo de Gata, before stopping off at our favourite beach bar for morning cafe con leche. We can also shop for our "bits" here at the local supermarket, which stocks everything we need, but perhaps a little more expensive. If nobody supported them though - they would no longer exist.

Coffee at our favourite beach bar
And the beach to ourselves
This is morning rush hour in down town Cabo de Gata!
This afternoon we are off for drinks with friends. I could get used to this!

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