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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Saturday Already.

It is one week today that we spent our first night in Exeter en-route to Spain, and here we are now 1500 miles away from there.

This weekend's weather has been forecast as light cloud with sunny intervals with daytime temperatures reaching 31 degrees, and today has been exactly like that. In fact very pleasant.

We have spent the last three autumns in this area and Saturdays seem to have developed their own leisurely routine for us. After breakfast we leave the site for the village centre where there is a small fruit and vegetable market.

After buying supplies for the week we walk along the sea front promenade and end up in one of the beach bars for morning coffee, before returning to gather ourselves together to visit the local tapas bar back on the main road for lunchtime drinks.

Each alcoholic drink is accompanied by a tapas, alternatively if like me you don't drink alcohol because you are driving, the tapas has a small charge attached to it.

Today's lunch for me was spicy vacuna, (beef), lomo, (pork) and egg, (huevos). All arrive on small plates accompanied with a slice of French bread and a small portion of fries. We enjoy this in the company of friends, and aquantances, and as the month goes on the numbers increase until we take over most of the conservatory area of the restaurant.

This place is also good for a full lunch meal, or raciones as it appears on the menu.

To finish, here are a couple of images from around the site today.

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