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Friday, 30 October 2015

The Manly Ferry Has Docked.

It transpired that while navigating their way back from the mountains near Granada, Southern Spain, Bombo and Sammie spotted the road sign to Cabo de Gata and remembered that we were usually here at this time of year as we visited them in Mojacar last year. They decided on a brief diversion for a couple of nights here just to say hello again.

Our paths first crossed by email after reading their plans to take up narrow boating in the UK while we were aboard MV Oriana docked in their then home city of Sydney. They were busy packing up for the journey to the UK, and we were only in Sydney for a very short visit as a port call during our 2012 world cruise. Consequently we couldn't meet on that occasion. Now the Manly Ferry has docked for a short port call here.

Paul and El write their own travel blog here: Narrowboat (now motorhome) The Manly Ferry.

Yesterday we had decided to have lunch out at one of the restaurants in Retamar before travelling down to Almeria to make our weekly visit to the Mercadona Supermercado for the 'big shop'. (You can get your 'bits' locally at the small village of Ruescas just a mile away). When we arrived home the Manly Ferry, another Rapido just like ours but built on a Mercedes chassis, was already docked and connected to shore power.

And they managed to berth right next door.....

Last night we returned the favour, and patronised the newly re-opened site bar where free beer was on tap all afternoon last Saturday to mark the occasion. The bar and restaurant have been completely refurbished.

We are looking forward to the next couple of days.

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