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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Windscreen Damage Update.

For those who have an interest in motorhome ownership, and thus how their insurance companies perform when a problem is encountered, here is an update into our own little current issue, a windscreen that sustained minor stone chip damage on the very last day of our journey down to the South of Spain.

For those who missed my original report [Link] here is a brief recap of events.

The day after our arrival I rang the breakdown / recovery contractor for the Premium European cover I have attached to my Saga fully comprehensive motorhome policy. No joy there as I had arrived safely at my destination.

A further 4 hours or so on the phone, waiting for calls to be answered etc. I had got absolutely nowhere. Saga's auto glass contractor in the UK could do no more than tell me to sort myself out with a repair.

Two emails of complaint to Saga Customer relations and two weeks later, I am still waiting for my first reply!

So, today I rang customer relations and explained my problem again - in easy to understand SPOKEN WORDS this time. To which I was again given the two phone numbers for Saga's authorised glass repairer in Spain - Guardian Express, that were given to me two weeks ago. They were incorrect numbers the first time around, and they remain the same today. They are connected to fax machines! I can't find any contact details for this organisation on the internet either.

Rather than do the ringing myself, this time I got the Saga customer services representative to do it for me so she could see this was a futile exercise.

Getting nowhere fast again, she placed me on hold to ask her manager for advice.

After a few minutes this was returned as " Get the repair or replacement done yourself, and Saga would reimburse once I was back in the UK. However if a new screen is required, then I would have to pay a £75 excess (I knew that already), and Saga would fund a new screen up to £100".

What? a new screen for this vehicle is in excess of £1000 for the part alone! On querying this information I was told the low potential payment to fund a new screen was due to me having the repair done at a non-Saga approved glass repairer.

If you wind this story back two episodes and two weeks, you will see that the reason I have to go to a non-approved Saga glass repairer is because Saga are unable to provide me with an approved repair or give me valid contact details for one here in Spain, so I could arrange a fully insurance funded repair myself. I have to ask myself why I am paying them an insurance premium? Although I know many of you will tell me it is to provide Saga's shareholders with a profit!

IS IT ME?.................

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