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Sunday, 27 December 2015

High Days And Holidays

Since arriving home from Spain in early December we have been busy catching up with family and friends, as well as experiencing some of the worst winter weather that Britain has experienced. However, we have been lucky enough not to have had the miserable experience of flooded homes that many from this area have had to endure, and our thoughts are with them.

Now it was the run up to Christmas proper, and we were joined by our daughter for the holiday period, with plans to visit our son and his young family to share their Christmas festivities which were to be much more exciting than ours. This is their Christmas Eve fancy dress.

Our own Christmas Eve was spent with a baking session following recipes that friends had shared on Facebook.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day were hectic family events, with an explosion of Christmas wrapping paper as usual. I'm sure we used to be content with a few tangerines and some shiny new coins.

And trying out my new selfie stick, one of my own Christmas gifts.....

Now that all that is over, and the tidying up is done, we now approach the exciting prospect of spending New Year's Eve in Las Vegas. We have never done that before, and it could turn out to be one of those love / hate adventures.

Come back soon to see how we got on!


  1. Margaret, Don't let Peter go to "The Ranch" otherwise he might come home with more than he bargained for! :-)

    1. Tom, Sheri's Ranch was on my list of places of interest, but I have already been told by the one who knows that I won't have time to visit :-)


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