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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Las Vegas, New Year's Eve.

Happy New Year!

We left at lunchtime on the 28th December for what is proving to be our most hectic and expensive travels to date. We travelled with two good friends, as a group of four and stayed overnight in an airport hotel at Manchester in anticipation of our 6am check in for our United Airways flights to Las Vegas via Newark New Jersey, a total of nearly 14 hours in the air and 21 hours in total travelling to our destination, the Luxor Hotel and Casino. I have to say that our United Airways flights were excellent, with complimentary alcoholic drinks service on the international flight as well as full internet access, allowing me to post this image to Facebook while at 36,000ft over Canada.

The Luxor Hotel and Pyramid.

They don't have cops like this in Manchester!

We arrived quite exhausted, but we have one of the most comfortable rooms we have ever stayed in for our three night stay here.

We wasted no time to start exploring the city the next day, and this is just an awesome place with fabulous sights, but now having the experience, have now concluded that it is possibly not our thing. We have though now done it and got the T shirt and had a fabulous time in the process, but probably won't return. It is full on in your face hectic, surreal, and expensive.

Yesterday we met Margaret's sister and her husband at the Bellagio buffet ($37 pp if taken before 3pm), before going on to take our 6 pre booked seats at the Jersey Boys show across the road at the Paris. That show was just fabulous.

Above is the Bellagio Hotel lobby.

Today, New Year's Eve, we wandered down to the Venetion Hotel, also spectacular, but have now made our way back to the Luxor early afternoon as the crowds start to gather on the strip for the celebrations, which could be up to 300,000 people out at the same time.

Tomorrow, we are off to New York City for a few days. How I will cope I have no idea, we are exhausted.


  1. A good tour of the USA & Canada is on my bucket list. I envy you both.

  2. We stayed at the Bellagio in 2007, we got married in Vegas....its a mad place!

    1. It certainly is mad. Most enjoyable too but not for us not our kind of resort..

  3. Great pictures, hope the Luxor is OK its very tired these days, we were surprised when we stayed there last year, enjoy NYC, do visit the 9/11 memorial and also take the Staten Island ferry at night for great views, and its free!!!

    1. Yes the Luxor is a little tired but was comfortable enough and was part of a very cheap package so no issues with us. We just didn't care too much for LV itself although we thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. For those who have enquired, all images posted during our current trip have been taken on an Apple iPhone 4S and uploaded directly from that via the Blogger mobile app. It's so easy, while travelling it makes all other methods look complicated.

  5. Looks like a wonderful way to have spent New Years celebrations. Thanks for the little tour of LV - I know it's not somewhere I'll ever go myself. Way too busy for my liking! I see you're in NY now. I saw it from a hop on hop off bus with a country friend. She wasn't too keen to do much hopping off and that was fine with me. I fear I'm turning into a country gal. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Elly


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