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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Manchester Christmas Markets.

This weekend had been planned to visit the Christmas Markets at Bath using a rail tour on a vintage train. The start from Horwich was to be early, so we had arranged to stay overnight in a Premier Inn just 5 miles from home so that would be easier, and we could make the most of the weekend with a Friday night out in a classy restaurant also nearby.

However, as it turned out, and due to unforeseen overrunning works to the rail tunnels at Bolton, the planned rail tour could no longer pick us up from Horwich, and the hotel booking was non-refundable, so we chose to cancel the tour and visit the Manchester Markets by train instead.

Again, unfortunately for us, the British weather lived up to its current reputation and the forecasted heavy rainfall came in abundance during both Friday and Saturday. And it was also cold!

We didn't allow that to dampen our spirits though, and a great time was had by all. We left for Manchester on the line from Wigan to Piccadilly, which remained open and wasn't affected by the electrification works on the other line that disrupted our original plans. We left the train at Deansgate, and then made our way on foot across Manchester, visiting the markets and shops on our way, and calling for coffee at Costa off Albert Square.

Exhausted, we returned home on the same line, but this time from Manchester Victoria. We are now looking forward to our Christmas with the kids, and then our next big adventure which will take us to distant lands for the New Year, before returning to Spain to complete our winter in warmer weather after that.

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