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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Aftermath Of Storm Desmond

We flew home from Spain on the 4th of December to spend Christmas with the kids, and during that weekend Britain was hit by a further quick succession Atlantic storm named Desmond. It deposited a month's average rain for the north of England on northern Lancashire and Cumbria over a 24 hour period on top of weeks of "normal" rain that had already fallen. This meant the water dispersion arrangements could not cope, resulting in serious flooding once again. Lancaster, Kendal, Keswick, Carlisle and surrounding areas have all suffered devastating flooding. The last serious flooding in this area was in 2005 and was then supposed to be a "once in a century" event. After countrywide flooding last year flood defences had been strengthened, but once again failed after this unprecedented event.

Above is the Waterhead Coffee Shop, which has again become part of Lake Windermere.

Roads have also been blocked, or even washed away. Above is a road at Thirlemere, partially washed away and blocked by landslides.

Bridges that are hundreds of years old have been washed away. The one above is historic Pooley Bridge on the northern side of Lake Ullswater. Immediately after the event west coast mainline trains could not go further than Preston for several days.

Today the forecast is for yet more rain in significant quantities. Please think of the residents of this area who have lost everything once again just before Christmas.

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