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Sunday, 3 January 2016

A Queen Takes Us Home.

I had scheduled a post to publish tomorrow using library images from our daughter's last trip to New York, but I now find I have the time to post the real
Just a brief post while I can still use my £10 per month 5gb internet allowance from Three in the UK, which is available here in the USA at no additional cost. ( I also used it all through Spain in October / November, also within my £10 monthly UK allowance, a great asset to any traveller).

We are now in Brooklyn and have boarded our transport back to England, where we are due to arrive on 10th January.

We are on Queen Mary 2, and today's weather is fabulous.

Just a few images from around the ship for now, I will report in full once back in the UK.

And from our last world cruise.....We have four such events on this voyage.

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