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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Back To Spain!

I have now started part 3 of our UK winter escape by flying back to Spain, and our motorhome which we left in the safe care of friends who spend their whole winter here.

I flew in alone, yesterday courtesy of Monarch Airlines who have conveniently maintained their direct flights from Manchester to Almeria all through the winter months this year. The flight departed Manchester at 6.25am, and I was making myself a cuppa, back on site by 10.30am. This flight was a little more expensive than our December one home, at £53, but that included my extra legroom choice of seat at extra cost. I had no check in hold luggage, which would also have been extra. Margaret has pre-arranged child minding duties, at our son and daughter-in-law's home, so will join me here in three weeks time.

The weather was a little different to that I left at Manchester, today has been superb. 19 degrees and fine sunshine. The forecast is also set fair for the foreseeable future here. My friends here tell me that they haven't really seen any significant rain all the time we have been away. I am now back in T shirt and shorts.

So, bright and early this morning (not in shorts I might add) I decided I would do a bit of a solo sight seeing tour on the bike, something Margaret never fancied, as the roads are steep and mountainous coastal routes, and she dislikes being a pillion passenger at the best of times. I intend to hire a car for four weeks from just before Margaret arrives back, so I can collect her from the airport. Car hire is so cheap here during the winter months, and I have been told by friends here that one particular well known company, Gold Car, has provided them with a car for the whole month of February at a negotiated weekly deal rate that equates to not much more than my one way taxi fare from the airport to here yesterday. However I intend to stick with the company who is linked with the camp site for convenience, Kisacar. They will also deliver and collect the car to and from here.

My first call today was to the village of Cabo de Gata, (which holds a farmer's market every Saturday) before heading off up the coast road, first to Rodalquilar where there is an interesting (to me anyway) abandoned gold mine together with a brilliant visitor centre which describes its history. There is also a completely abandoned, and now derelict village here, that used to house the mine's workforce. When it closed, there was nothing left in the area for them, so they left en-mass.

I then continued on to the coastal village of Las Negras, before coming back to explore San Jose once again, a small coastal village which we love. All of this is contained within the Cabo de Gata Nijar Parc Natural, and as far as I am concerned, even with the desert landscape, is one of the best (undiscovered) places in Spain.

A brilliant start to the next two months we have here before motoring back to the UK via Santander and Portsmouth.

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