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Friday, 15 January 2016

I Would Never Go On A Cruise - It's Boring!

How many times have we heard that! We also hear this from those who have never ventured out of Europe, "we wouldn't like the days at sea in between ports", or "what use is there in just having one day in a place and then having to move on?"

Or "we don't like dressing up." Well, we like dressing up, it is part of the ambience of what you are doing, and for us wouldn't be the same without it. Arriving to dinner in blue jeans and a polo shirt might be OK for some mainland hotel or campsite restaurant, - and we do that, but it would certainly be way out of place here - although there are cruises available where you can do that if that's what you want.

Enjoying the Captain's hospitality at his cocktail party

All these are statements from the un-initiated! Cruising, particularly in the current market is by far the easiest and cheapest way of seeing the world. Once you are safely aboard there is no more thinking to do, no more flight connections to worry about, and no more hotel rooms to check-in to - just one luxury hotel on water, waking up in a different location to explore, and then having the security and safety of being able to return to the ship afterwards, ready to move on while enjoying dinner. What's not to enjoy? How else would you ever visit exotic locations such as Tahiti and Bora Bora? And all this can be done for an average price of around £100 per person per day, with many last minute deals always available that take that down to around just £50 per person per day, and often with flights to or from the ship as well as hotel accommodation before or afterwards thrown in at the headline price. There is however just one caveat here, and that is the 75% supplement charged to single passengers, although I have seen promotional offers where this charge has been waived.

On board ship there is always a full itinerary of activities to either follow in full, in part, or not at all. The choice is yours. There are quizzes, bridge lessons, shows, bands, lectures, music recitals, art classes, dance classes, dancing, you name it you can do it, and for no extra cost. Then add in all that food from several restaurant choices, again included....well, enough said.

A string quartet accompanies afternoon tea in the Queens Room

This is how you know what is available to do on a daily basis...... delivered to your room by your steward during the previous evening. Inside is an hour by hour timetable of the next day's events.

Ships are usually equipped with a full size theatre complete with a live orchestra to back up entertainers who are brought aboard, or the resident singers and dancers who put on spectacular West End style stage shows.

These were a trio brought on at New York for a one night stand during our recent voyage.

The Spinettes perform in the Royal Court Theatre

Then, during the day you can either participate in outdoor pursuits, or just relax in one of the lounges, perhaps with a quiet drink. This is the Chart Room Lounge on Queen Mary 2, where a harpist would provide background music during the afternoons.

Here are some links to cruise agents we have used successfully, although there are many more out there....

or you can book direct with the cruise line, here are two we have used....

There are many bargain deals to be had, some including flights and hotels in the price you see. Why not give it a try. Our first cruise was back in 2010, with 6 weeks aboard to Australia, arriving there without the usual jet lag, relaxed and fresh, and we haven't stopped since.


  1. Glad you had a great time on QM2 although she is very overdue her refit now! We enjoyed our time on her last couple of weeks, great to see so many familiar faces on board. Look forward to reading about your next trip. we are back to India in 2 weeks as we loved it so much in November!

    1. We kind of knew that India would get you, it usually does. We have been four times now, and look forward to our next visit. We also loved our first Cunard voyage, so much so we have now booked Queen Elizabeth's 2017 world cruise first sector with a SF stay, 32 nights in all, and currently on a very good offer with next though is back to Spain until mid April. Isn't retirement hard :-)


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