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Saturday, 2 January 2016

New York City.

We left the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas at 7.00am local time on New Year's Day for our return flight to Newark New Jersey. Again the United Airlines internal flight was faultless, arriving approximately 30 minutes earlier than scheduled after 5 hours in the air. However this was tainted a little by the fact we were unlucky enough to get the YTS trainee at the ground transportation desk where we had to exchange our pre-paid vouchers for transport to our hotel, in Midtown Manhattan. After his confusion and the gridlocked NYC traffic due to an ongoing police incident, it was another 3 hours before we arrived at our final destination.

We had a brief walk in the fine, but cold night air before deciding to take our evening meal at one of the hotel restaurants.

After another great night's sleep, and a full cooked breakfast, it was time to make the most of our only full day here in New York City. The New York weather today is fine and sunny.

First we headed for Broadway, and then Times Square, where the celebrations had taken place just the night before last. Then the usual sights came thick and fast, with the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, the ice skating rink and so on.

Of course no visit to any major city would be complete without a look around the shops, so we wandered down 5th Avenue and then on to Macy's, West 34th Street, where we took our coffee break at Starbucks within the store.

By this time I had lost the will to live, so I decided to leave Margaret in the company of our friends while I took a Yellow Cab back to the hotel to write this.

Is it me? I find sitting here in a comfy chair with a cold drink, writing this, and dreaming of my next car purchase ;-) is far more pleasurable than trapesing around a big city feeling handbags, be it in NY or not.

However, I will certainly enjoy what comes next on our itinerary. We will be collected from the hotel tomorrow to begin our journey home, and I can say it isn't another long haul flight, thank goodness! 

I've had enough flying for the moment.


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