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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The Yamaha ec-o3 3 Years On.

Our little Yamaha ec-o3 all electric scooter will be 3 years old in February, and as such will need the attention of the MOT tester.

Being classed as a 50cc petrol moped, the bike has to be registered, taxed, insured and MOT'd (on its third anniversary from first registration - UK regulations). During my ownership I have discovered that it isn't the easiest two wheeler I have owned to insure. The first hurdles are actually finding a bike insurer who will take it on at all, and once one of those has been found, it is by no means cheap.

I have consistently owned motorbikes of all sizes throughout my life, since I was 16. As well as the ec-o3 I currently own a Yamaha D'elight scooter, also to use in conjunction with the motorhome. Before this my bike was a Suzuki 1200cc Bandit, and before that a Yamaha 1000cc R1. My point is that I am an experienced motorcyclist. However, my cheapest quote to insure the ec-o3 during the present year was £79 for third party only cover - not even cover for theft. And that is for a machine that travels no faster than a pedal cycle! Due to these complications I have to insure the ec-o3 independently from my other bikes.

The road tax however is free, but before this can be renewed, the MOT test had to be completed. This was done today without issue at the standard fee for motorcycles - £25.

It may be a so called Eco vehicle, and is handy to use with the motorhome, but owning it doesn't come without complications. The reliability has been first class though, in particularly the battery, which still functions quite normally after 3 years (limited) use.

For anybody considering one of these, with hindsight I would probably take a long look at one of the premium brand electric pedal cycles before making my decision to buy in this sector of the market.

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  1. Our ec-03 is now 4 years old, and is kept taxed, insured and MOT'd, but is not used much as its purpose is simply a shopping vehicle from the motorhome. Although I haven't yet noticed any failure of battery performance, which is rated as being able to last 4 years or 900 recharges, I decided to look into what a new battery might cost should it need one. I was shocked to find two Yamaha suppliers in the U.K. wanted over £1000 just for the battery without fitting charges. My opinion is that should the battery fail this would render my own ec-03 as scrap as this cost makes a mockery of running an electric scooter in favour of a tradional petrol engined moped. The Yamaha delight I also have to use with the motorhome is a much better machine in all aspects, although heavier to carry.


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