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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Back In Spain - Update.

So, what has been happening with our plan so far?

I arrived back in Spain, on the 29th January courtesy of a cheap direct flight from Manchester by Monarch Airlines, who have maintained a weekly flight schedule throughout the winter this year - very handy.

I then had 3 weeks of peace and quiet loneliness and hard work looking after myself until Margaret arrived back, again courtesy of last Friday. Once back here she soon got back into the swing of Spanish life....

I had arranged car hire for a full month, to start in the days before her arrival so I could collect her from the airport. We are also having visitors from England from next Friday, so the car will also be used to visit some of the many destinations around and about here in the Cabo de Gata Nijar Parc Natural, one of the most unspoilt and beautiful places in Spain.

I researched car hire here, and found from reviews that some of the "budget" car rental companies here seemed to operate what you might call "creative accounting" policies, with hidden charges and sometimes even unscrupulous charge backs to credit cards once the hirer is back home, for damage that certainly was not present when the car was returned.

A company called is associated with the campsite here, and their front office will arrange everything relating to the hire, which can sometimes be difficult due to the language barrier. They operate a fair full-full fuel policy with no hidden charges, and will also deliver and collect the vehicle, so I chose this mainly due to the convenience. The charge for a month's hire of our medium sized Seat Ibiza is €595, with a €900 excess charge should an insurance claim have to be made. (I use my own annual cover from icarhire insurance at just £39 to save me from having to fork out the €hundreds that is charged by the hirers to indemnify this excess charge for the duration of the hire only). Another favourable aspect of Kisacar is that they don't "reserve" a charge against your credit card in anticipation of charging the excess cost, as many do.

Last Sunday saw a group of twenty of us visit an American themed rock bar, who provide good food together with live music concerts over the weekend. This really is a great day out, high in the mountains near Tabernas. We are booked again for next weekend with our visitors.

Finally, yesterday we went out to lunch in San Jose, a beautiful coastal village near here. The restaurant was within Hotel Dona Pakyta, stunningly located on the headland overlooking the bay and marina. Again we have arranged a re-visit during the time our friends will be with us. Their promotional video is below, and their daily room rate should anyone wish to stay here is very reasonable. The lunch, although slightly more expensive than average for this area, at €17 for the menu del dia, (there choices from each of three courses and includes one drink), was exceptional, when combined with the window table with the view that can be seen in the video and the image below.

So far this has been a great way to escape the horrible British winter weather on a fairly reasonable budget.


  1. Peter

    Is that sand or gravel around the motorhome? Hopefully the latter


    1. It is pea gravel Tom. The whole site is covered in it with just a bitumen central access road. The site was reclaimed from the desert some years ago.


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