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Friday, 11 March 2016

The Previous Two Weeks In Spain

So far so good, and everything is still going to plan. We had arranged to have visitors over the last two weeks, and true to their past form they brought a little unsettled weather with them. They are noted for bringing rain to all the sunniest islands in the South Pacific!

Their first weekend here was windy and cloudy, and during their stay we had the first daytime rain for the whole of the six months we have been here - but it only lasted an hour in the afternoon, and didn't concern us too much as we had chosen to visit an indoor shopping mall in the city in any case. We have had plenty of warm sunshine for them though, and have used our rental car to it's fullest extent so we could visit all the beautiful places within the National Park here.

These day trips out included Las Negras, a beautiful coastal village....

A day out in beautiful Mojacar, where we met two very popular boating bloggers - of "The Manly Ferry", who have now become firm friends after several meetings in Spain......

Visits to all the desert locations around here that have been used in Hollywood movies such as "The Good The Bad And The Ugly" and "Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade"........

And several lunches out, in some of the nicest restaurants in this area......

Today we delivered our friends back to the city airport where they will fly home to Manchester courtesy again of Monarch Airlines (what would we do without them and their very reasonably priced direct winter service to / from Manchester)?

As for us, we can now enjoy a further three weeks in this beautiful area of Southern Spain before making our own way overland then via Brittany Ferries to Portsmouth and (eventually) home.

This winter getaway from the worst of the British weather has so far, been very successful.


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