Living With Our Rapido 963f Le Randonneur Motor Home.

Monday, 13 June 2016

The Trial Run.

Once we were home from Spain I arranged a full mechanical and habitation overhaul for the motorhome, and also a few modifications to the 12V systems to rectify a couple of problems that had developed with the battery charging system and the fridge running when the vehicle engine was running. The problems were related to faulty relays and were fixed by installing a modern electronic voltage sensing relay between the leisure and engine batteries rather than replacing the complete control panel they were mounted on, the advantage not only being cost, but also the mods allowed the use of a modern electronic relay rather than the ignition voltage controlled mechanical ones that had failed.

All that was left to do was try everything out not too far away from home before we ventured further afield during the summer.

We booked a few days on the Caravan Club Southport site as we had been told its location was right on the front with close proximity to town. We were not disappointed - it is one of the best kept sites we have been on, with spotlessly clean facilities. Southport and the beach are just 40 minutes from home.

It is a linear site built on the old route of the Cheshire Lines Railway from Aintree Liverpool into what was, before it was demolished, Lord Street Station Southport. There is great access to mile upon mile of safe cycle trackway and all completely flat.

The site is also quiet and peaceful even though it is placed right next to the Pleasureland amusements site. There is a Morrisons supermarket within walking distance, which has a great cafe, where we found afternoon tea at just £1.25 each. Full English breakfast tomorrow.

The only thing that could have been better was the weather, but that turned out better than had we stayed at home. Further more, every modification I designed to update the camper's electronics are working perfectly. The main benefit being that the fridge freezer can once again be run while travelling, without flattening the leisure batteries.

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