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Friday, 29 July 2016

So, What Has Happened In July?

We deliberately kept July free for undertaking some more long overdue home improvements. Our garden shed had a rotten roof and back, the whole of the back fence was original, and being 32 years old was completely rotten. So each of its waney lap panels was replaced with new tanalised closed vertical board panels. To match this each of the side fences was pained with a preservative to match the new one. Then, to complete the rear of the house we installed a new Rockdoor composite French door to replace the aluminium patio door that was also 32 years old and now had a rotten frame.

I undertook repairs to the shed using tongue and groove cladding board covered in mineral felt for the roof, and ship lap board to renew the back, finished by painting in Cuprinol preservative.

This is the garden back fence before replacement.

And this is the replaced fence when it was complete, with the repaired shed in the background.

My cheapest labour charges were from the contractor who painted the side fences. All that was required was copious amounts of coffee.

This is the before shot of the patio door this morning.

And after the replacement French door was installed, taken this afternoon.

It surely has to be time for a rest now! After a couple of days of rain again, the sun came out this evening so we went for a stroll around the block, and very pleasant it was too.


  1. Great job Peter. I'll remember you we we require our own fencing to be installed. You can bring your painter! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. We think they look nice too. They are composite, and are much more substantial than the more normal upvc ones you get here.


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