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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

This Was August.

August saw more travels in Le Randonneur. We had planned a trip down to the Caravan Club site, Wyatt's Covert at Denham, Buckinghamshire to meet up, as we seem to do annually these days, with a primary school friend of Margarets' from her early days living in Walsall in the Midlands.

Margaret's father was a local authority officer moving up in the world, and Margaret was born in the Bury area, before her father got a better job in Halifax, and then an even better job in Walsall, which coincided with Margaret's time at primary school. Unfortunately during her time there her father contracted a terminal kidney disease and he passed away while Margaret and her sister were far too young, causing their mother to have to leave Walsall and return to Bury, closer to family to bring them up alone.

Margaret however maintained contact with her school friend for all this time afterwards, and recently found another friend from the same school class, and she and her husband also made the trip to meet us here and the six of us had a fabulous lunch at The Green Man Pub in Denham Village. By complete coincidence the other friend's husband went to school with me in Bolton from juniors to leaving, and that is how we found her again.

Denham Village.
Our Denham pitch
I even got to cook outdoors just like Spain.
Denham is right at the end of the M40, so to extend our time away we arranged to stay 6 nights at the Caravan Club Warwick Racecourse site, also close to the M40, on our way down.

The Warwick site is within the racecourse.
Warwick Racecourse Caravan Club site.
Warwick Castle from the town centre.
Bikes used for Grand Union Canal towpath rides.
The Cape Of Good Hope Pub, canal side in Warwick.
While there we were able to catch a bus right outside the site entrance to Royal Leamington Spa one way........

Jephson Park, Royal Leamington Spa.
And to Stratford-Upon-Avon the other way. Both were fabulous days out........

The Alveston Manor hotel in Stratford - the location of our honeymoon in 1980!
The River Avon to canal lock in Stratford
Shakespeare's school in Stratford
The Racecourse site was brilliant, peaceful with good access to Warwick town centre and a Sainsbury's.

The Denham site, although lovely and with great rail access to central London, was placed right next door to Denham Aerodrome where training in helicopter flying is given, making the daytime noise very loud, although I must say this didn't concern us too much, as I hold a strong interest in what was going on.

Denham Wyatt's Covert Caravan Club site.
In all we covered just over 400 miles, and being all motorway consumed diesel at 28 mpg, which for a 2.8JTD 3,500kg Fiat Ducato isn't at all bad.

Our next planned trip is Cornwall, the root of my heritage, and I am very much looking forward to that.


  1. Peter that picture of you smiling whilst cooking must have been photoshopped. No red blooded alpha male smiles when forced to cook! :-)

    1. Well Tom, I happened to make a comment while in Spain about how easy cooking is and I could do it with my eyes shut - you know the gist. At that I was challenged not only to cook a dish of my choice, but also obtain all ingredients for it as well. Unfortunately, the chilli-con-carne I chose to do went down so well with other campers that it quickly became my signature, and I was challenged to do it again for our friends while in Denham. My mistake :-)


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