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Thursday, 2 March 2017

In Chocolate Heaven.

Yesterday we attended Slattery's in Whitefield near Manchester, a fabulous chocolatier who has grown into a thriving business since being established at Crumpsall in 1967 as a retail bakery by the current owner's parents. The company now provides both retail as well as restaurant facilities and cooking courses relating to everything to do with cakes, confectionary and of course chocolate. Click on the name above to be taken to their company website.

We were given a gift voucher for Christmas by our son and his family which was for a talk about the art of handmade chocolates, together with a demonstration of how these are made by the current custodian of the family business John Slattery.

Following this we were treated to the most spectacular homemade afternoon tea imaginable, and were then treated as we left after a most enjoyable four hours, with a goody bag containing several of the company's chocolate products.

Our talk gave us the historic background of the company, as well as where chocolate comes from and how the raw beans are turned into the finished product, with the most interesting practical demonstrations along the way. As a bonus of course, the end product of the demonstrations were made available to eat afterwards.

There is a luxurious restaurant on site where meals are served all day, including a more straightforward afternoon tea, but ours was a group affair served in the training room where, if you wish you can also book to attend cookery courses across a broad range of subjects.

All in all a most enjoyable afternoon. If you find yourself in the Manchester area, we would recommend a visit, although if you would like to visit the restaurant, an advanced booking is probably the best way to ensure success. Bread, cakes, homemade chocolate and ice cream are also sold from the shop located on the ground floor.

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