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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Planning On Driving Through France?

Are you planning a trip through France this year? We are, and have found out that new driving restrictions are currently being introduced that are linked to vehicle emissions and could result in a £100+ fine if you don't comply - such as not displaying the correct windscreen sticker.

Check *****Martin Lewis's website by clicking this link***** for further information.

Our sticker is on its way.


  1. So far it is just if you intend to drive within the environmental zones of three cities Paris, Lyon or Grenoble. But I'd be buying a sticker just in case it spreads to other cities in the near future.

    1. Yes that is the case Caroline and Martin, as described in Martin Lewis's article as well as on the RAC website. However, they also say there are currently 22 other towns in France waiting to join the scheme, so I suspect by the end of the year it will be widespread, so for the small cost to comply - making sure application is made direct to the French Government and not an agent who will charge commission, then my view too is that you might as well have one.
      One further point. The French certificate sticker can only be applied for in advance of travel, not once there. Germany has started a similar scheme, which is also more expensive, but their certificates of emissions compliance can be bought over the counter at any TUV (MOT) station providing you can produce the vehicle's V5 registration document at the time of purchase.


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