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Thursday, 18 May 2017

A Day Cruise On The Mosel To Cochem.

Today we took the opportunity of a slightly cooler weather forecast than the previous week to take our river cruise to Cochem. The company we used - <KOLB> appear to be the same one that runs the cross river ferry here at Poltesdorf as well. We bought our usual ferry fare across the river at €1.50 each, and then our 1 hour cruise from midday was €16 each return.

The boat is luxuriously fitted out, with interior dining tables and a bar, but we were able to enjoy the open top deck today to give us the best river lock passage experience, and this deck is also serviced by a bar, so no loss. We followed a medium sized commercial barge called Flint in to the lock, which was sufficiently long to share. These things are meticulously kept by their owners and usually have a stern crane to lift their one or two cars on and off, with sometimes a speedboat too.

The lock is just around the bend from the ferry and our pitch, and once through we had a scenic cruise into the medieval and sometimes Gothic town of Cochem, which these days is a major tourist attraction and a popular calling point for the longer Amsterdam - Basel river cruises that take in the Mosel as well as the Rhine.

We had a lovely wander around town, calling in a street cafe that was located in the Market Square before wandering back to the cruise kiosk to take the final boat of the day back to Beilstein at 4.15 pm.

Toad in the hole, (sausages in crepe batter), cooked in the Remoska once back in the camper finished off another fabulous day. It will soon be time to cosy up with another DVD movie from our vast collection, which is far easier than trying to understand the local TV.

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