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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Beilstein Castle.

We are experiencing day after day of hot sunny weather here in Germany at present, so this morning we decided to cross the Poltesdorf Mosel ferry again to Beilstein with the specific intention to climb to the castle, which is in the most strategic point possible, as we discovered when we reached the top of the tower after climbing......and climbing narrow spiral staircases of both newer steel and old original stone.

A panorama of the Mosel River taken from the castle watch tower.
It is thought there has been a defensive structure on this site since around 1120, but in 1268 there is documentation to show that the aristocrats von Braunshorn were owners of the castle as tenants of the Cologne archbishopric. The castle then passed to the family of Kuno von Winnenberg via his wife Lisa. In 1371 it came under the sovereignty of the Electorate of the Palatinate, and in 1637 the von Metternichs became owners.

The castle was destroyed by the French in 1689, and the last holder of the title was the famous Austrian chancellor Metternich. There are streets, bars and restaurants currently named after Metternich, and the castle is now either known by its original title or the later one - Metternich Castle.

The castle has a 25 metre high 12th century keep. The inner ward is surrounded by buildings and walls, and the portal complex has 14th century round towers. From the round tower a wall with battlements runs to the watchtower, (which we climbed today), and from there is a fortified wall in the direction of the valley. Only cellars remain of the West section, and the south wall and fireplace of the East section. A rounded arch with portcullis are on the main path. Stables are linked by a fortified wall.

Tomorrow, with the possibility of cooler weather, we may well take the 1 hour river cruise into the medieval town of Cochem.

Here are some images from this morning's outing......

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