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Monday, 7 August 2017

The 2017 Supercar Event At Beaulieu.

On Friday evening we were lounging around watching TV, looking forward to another uneventful weekend. As is usual I was browsing my iPad at the same time as watching TV - a very bad habit I know - and I saw that our friends Mark and Llinos had safely installed their exhibit stand at the Beaulieu show ground, the location of the 2017 Beaulieu Supercar Weekend..

They own a very interesting company known as Fun Furniture Collection and were exhibiting their stunning single bed themed on a vintage Rolls Royce, and I had wished them a great weekend at the show via Facebook wishing we could be there.

(Click the name above to visit their website where you will enter a world of furniture, designed and manufactured by them here in the UK, specialising in beds and toy boxes themed on well known motor vehicles and tractors, designed and handmade to order as well as other projects).

We had considered visiting them for the weekend earlier in the week, but as usual, being peak holiday season, with short notice too, reasonably priced hotel accommodation was not widely available, and there were no nearby campsites with vacancies either. So we had to forget the idea. That is until Friday evening at 7.30pm.

To cut a long story short Llinos texted me to say "you can be here with us if you want to" - in reply to my earlier message. What? Yes - Llinos and Mark offered us the opportunity to camp at the Beaulieu show ground as their guests (labourers :-) for the weekend. A few minutes thought, and the camper had a little food, a change of clothes and a tank of diesel filled and we were off on our adventure, driving South for 240 miles overnight.

Whilst there we enjoyed a spectacular weekend viewing hundreds of exotic supercars at close proximity as well as having a relaxing time visiting Beaulieu Palace House and Abbey, Victorian Gardens and of course the National Motor Museum. Click below to view their website and see what's on offer - well worth a visit....

Beaulieu - Home to the National Motor Museum.

Here are some images from our weekend. Thanks again Mark and Llinos - see you again soon.

The spectacular Rolls Royce themed bed - built to celebrate the Rolls Royce Enthusiast's Club 2017 Diamond Jubilee.

In the entrance foyer of the National Motor Museum. This display depicts motoring through the ages up until the present day.

In the spectacular Victorian Garden.

There are also the interesting ruins of Beaulieu Abbey within the grounds.

This is inside "The Secret War" exhibition. Beaulieu was the then secret location of the wartime finishing school for SOE trainees who went on to become undercover agents to cause mayhem behind enemy lines.
Palace House - Home of Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.

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